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Mount Oldoinyo Le Ngai is located in northern part of Tanzania. “Oldoinyo Le Ngai” is a Maasai term meaning “Mountain of God”. This mountain is the only active volcano in East Africa. Volcanic activity on the mountain has been observed from as far back as 1883, and it is still active today. The Oldoinyo Le Ngai mountain reaches a height of approximately 9442 feet. The Crater Highlands are part of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. This is a reserve where the local communities live alongside the wildlife. The highlands consist of a range of Volcanoes-not all extinct-rising steeply from the side of the Great Rift Valley in Northern Tanzania. Hence they are more than JUST the Ngorongoro Crater with a number of impressive peaks, with steep escarpments, crater lakes, dense forests and grassy ridges, streams and waterfalls. The volcano of Ol-Doinyo-Lengai (2878m) is even active! It is also home to many Maasai people who have grazed cattle on the grasslands here for hundreds of years. Most walking is done at around the 3000mts mark. There are many options though available to the adventurous. Spend your day through visiting some historical area around with full evening lake shore walking.

Why do we climb at night?

Ol Doinyo Lengai is very near to the Equator and so the region is very hot much of the time. The temperature often climbs above 30℃.

What Kind of Experience do I need?

No reasonable level of fitness is required to climb Kilimanjaro, but previous hiking or climbing experience will help. You need to be fit and healthy and have a good pair of worn-in hiking boots. The fitter you are the more you are likely to enjoy it.

Who can climb Oldoinyo Le Ngai?

Anyone from children over the age of 10 to older generations in their 60s and 70s! All you need is determination and the will to get to the summit. The real challenge with climbing Oldoinyo Le Ngai is the altitude and the rate of ascent. Don’t worry we will be with you every step of the way! Our guides are highly skilled professionals and are a key component to your success.

Gain the best experience through trekking with our trekking expert team.

What gear do I need?

If you don’t need to come with mountain climbing gear, its possible to rent most of the clothing and equipment you need in Tanzania, but bringing your own clothes, well worn-in boots and a good sleeping bag is best. You will need a small day pack with enough space for wind and rain clothes, some first aid, 3 liters of water and snacks.

Warm clothes (fleece, wind and waterproof layers), good polarized sunglasses, sunscreen and a head lamp should be included in your packing list. You might prefer to use walking sticks and gaiters, but these can be rented from your trekking operator. Even thermal underwear and down jackets can be rented from us. If think you do not have the correct clothing and gear, please contact Women Adventure Africa for advice.

What is the climate of the Mountain?

Oldoinyo Le Ngai is an active volcano in northern Tanzania. It consists of a volcanic cone with two craters, the northern of which has erupted during historical time. Uniquely for volcanoes on Earth, it has erupted tetracarbonate, an unusually low temperature and highly fluid type of magma.

How long is the climb?

The ascent takes anywhere between four to six hours, depending on your fitness. The descent takes about the same length of time.

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